“A Healthy Mouth, Attractive Smile and the Ability
to Chew Effectively for the Rest of your Life”


To achieve this, you need an understanding of oral health, good oral hygiene, regular examinations and quality dental treatment as necessary.

For our patients – As we all eat and drink on a daily basis, we require to keep our teeth and gums regularly maintained. As part of Pakuranga Dental we regularly provide the necessity for our patients to be well educated regarding oral hygiene. We allow our patients to kick away old habits and introduce a new beneficial way to keep you and your teeth to prosper a long and healthy life which leads to a better dental health for the whole family.

Regular visits – this allows our patients to undergo regular care and avoid or find any dental problems which we would maintain immediately to avoid further problems from occurring. This would provide a much less costly treatment and it is better to be treated right from the start to avoid future dental pain and problems.

High Quality Dental Treatment allows not only the best care possible when we treat our patients but we also like to deeply explain every step we take with our patients to allow them to have a better understanding of our work and what has been treated and also all the options available. Pakuranga Dental regularly update their technology whether it is for our patients or dentists or even both to allow the best possible service. Our dentists attend regular educated seminars and conferences to expand the clinics knowledge with new and possibly better techniques available.