Our practice has been fully computerised since 1987.  The benefit of this includes simpler day to day procedures so our people can concentrate on patient related matters. We also regularly like to update our technology to make doctor to patient communication easier.  Charting your treatment on computer means that providing a printed estimate on cost is a click away.  With the drag and drop option we can organise your treatment so that it proceeds logically and provide the best option during your visit.  Because our appointment book is on computer, it is available to reception and all surgeries at the same time.  Dentist and patient can easily choose the best suitable time to schedule the necessary appointments while reception can be scheduling appointments for other patients by phone or at the front desk.

Having computers in the surgery allows the patient to get a better understanding of the procedure through our Powerpoint presentation, this was established as another way to effectively communicate with our patients. Also having internet connection allows the access to numerous online resources which includes the likes of ordering componets for your implants or even downloading new and effective implant techniques, also having access to the internet allows obtaining information of the current medication you could be taking to confidentially prescribe you another medicine if needed without drug interactions.

We backup our data daily and therefore have multiple copies of patient records in case of fire or other disaster.

Intra Oral Cameras

Allowing our dentists to see the finer details, observing one’s inside mouth helps the dentist understand the dental health or issues that may have risen. Having the patient to be able to see through the camera will be beneficial as it shows patients of things like teeth that get cleaned more then others, it also informs them of what is currently going on in their mouth and also be able to see the improvements after the treatment has taken place.  Photos will be saved and documented to allow the patient to go back to them if necessary.

Digital X-rays

having regularly update our technology we terminated the procedure of exposing and devolping film and instead we have brought in a new system which is a sensor that creates an image on our computer screen. The sensor eliminates 90% of radiation that used to occur to produce the image. the image takes no more than 2 seconds to be uploaded on our system. The image is produces much larger then the regular x-ray film as this makes the diagnoses easier. As the image is stored immediately it allows the dental assistant to be free to assist the dentist. This allows less risk and the likelihood of losing files much less as everything is stored digitally. Data is backed up off site so we will not lose your records in event of fire or other disaster.

Other Technology

We also use a host of other less obvious technology to provide a better service to our patients. Some examples include:

Panoramic X-Ray

This big x-ray enables us to see all your teeth and jaws on one film.  This is good for looking at wisdom teeth and checking for impacted or unerupted teeth in children.

Rotary NiTi Files and Electronic Apex locaters

These more flexible files enable us to clean curved root canals more effectively and enable us to achieve more consistent results with our root fillings.  The files work in special drills which operate at set rpm and torque to suit the characteristics of the files.  This is also more comfortable for the patient than hand filing.  Electronic apex locaters measure the length of each root so we prepare them to the appropriate length.